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  • MOON + ARROW 754 South 4th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19147 United States (map)

Join Jess and Jess for our monthly circle + workshop in honor of the New Moon. Our focus each month is to provide you an experiential practice that encompasses the use of tools, insight and inspiration to channel the invigorating new moon energy and take initiative to create new and better opportunities for you. We also seek to assist you in becoming more empowered, focused and creative while steering your emotional and physical being through life — especially when all around you feels like it has gone buck wild. We are all about community, self-care, self-love, bringing on the joy and finding and standing in our power to make progress...progress...progress. 

Gemini sign characteristics are suggested as: social, conversational, charming, wise, dualistic (high high/ low lows), nervous, restless  (lots of frentic energy), adventurous, judgemental. We will assist in teaching ways to combat the negative aspects of this energy with the positive, and also how to INCREASE our ability to be more social, communicative, charming, wise and how to embrace the duality so present with this sign. 

The associated body parts are the Hands, arms and shoulders, and we will be focusing on these parts.

We will meet in circle, share, set intentions for manifestation, honor ourselves and the space we are in, get grounded, shake off the negative parts of our day, clean our slates, get into some breathwork and learn new Mudras and harness the energy of this time. Our aim is to lift each other up and get high on this Gemini coscmic energy AND empower ourselves to move forward with invigorated creative juices, clearer and stronger ability to communicate, courage, passion and verve!  Think sparkling bubbles and confidence for days.

Further reading about the M O O N 

"The Moon & the Sun emanate frequencies and these energy waves influence the tides, and all life forms on Earth, including human behaviour / consciousness.  In addition, during a NEW MOON, both the Moon & Sun are in the same Zodiac sign… giving an exponential boost or concentration of the energy.

The SUN represents our ‘outer-world’, our identify, our personality, our ego.  It represents how we ‘shine our light’ out into the world, the present moment, our yang or masculine archetype expression.  The Sun offers us strength, courage and illuminated insight of the Soul.

The MOON represents our ‘inner world’, our hidden emotions, desires, our shadow-self, fears/worries and our dreams.  It represents our feelings, our unconscious beliefs, the past and our yin or feminine goddess archetype.  The Moon offers us the ability to feel, learn from the past and creatively unlock and express our essence. During a NEW MOON, the side of the moon that remains invisible to us here on Earth is being illuminated by the Sun.  Thus our own ‘invisible’ side, our inner feelings, emotions and desires are also being illuminated during a new moon.  During this illumination, we are given a window of opportunity to start a fresh, let go of the energy of the previous cycle and set our intentions, dreams & inner-most desires into conscious action.

The NEW MOON is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals or begin new projects for the forthcoming cycle." S. Matthews

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Earlier Event: May 21
Later Event: June 4