Feliccia - Phila, PA 

"Jess exudes beautiful energy and truly leads from her heart! She has a fierce blend of knowledge and intuition. Within seconds of meeting her you can perceive how connected and empathic she is. After I worked with Jess for one session my outlook and energy completely shifted. A lifelong block that I'd held in my body for as long as I can remember is no longer there. I feel new freedom! Jess is gifted because she combines multiple modalities for an approach that is fluid, effective, and fits me exactly.  No matter what comes up, I know she can help me through it. With Jess, ANYTHING feels possible."

Megan - Phila,PA

"Jess has held my hand- literally and figuratively- through quite a few deep waves of personal transformation.  Her loving presence helps me link into the love that is the center and true reality of our universe.  Using a combination of Matrix Reimprinting, Dimensional Healing, color therapy and a few other assorted modalities as needed she has helped me open my heart and release old patterns and programming about who I was limited to being and what I was limited to having. Jess sees the highest best parts of me, even when I definitely don't, and finds ways to call them home into my body.  The change has been surprisingly deep and permanent, and the results are an unexpected treasure trove of joy and emotional freedom."

"Jess is nothing short of amazing. She is both intuitive and kindhearted, and, at the same time, her work is powerful and always on point. Working with Jess is refreshing - her unique approach is light and fun. Take any chance you can to work with her!

CT - New Jersey


NS - Phila,PA

"Working with Jess the past few months has been paramount in helping me making major shifts in my life.  I feel happier, lighter, more in tune with my body, less stressed, and more connected.  She has given me an amazing arsenal of tools that I am able to use to self heal when I feel triggered.  She has given me hope that I can let go of a lifetime issues and grow into the person I want to be.  I felt different  (better) after our very first session and have continued to feel physical, emotional and mental benefits from our work.  She has been a kind, compassionate ear to help me work through my challenges.  I trust her completely and wouldn't want any one else to help me with my journey.

I came into our partnership with an open heart and mind.  I was ready to change but unsure how to get there.  I am so grateful to Jess for providing the road map and support to my personal growth.  I could not recommend her enough to anyone who is ready to be happier, feel more authentic and powerful." 

Paige Chapman, PA


"I have been doing yoga for 20 years but have never spent focused time on the mudras until I started working with Jess. Now I use them all the time! In meditation, walking around, in the bath...they can be integrated into almost everything. I find that they really make you feel more peaceful, calm, clear, focused, and at home within yourself. And I love Jess' fun, straightforward, and light hearted approach to this ancient healing technique. You will love working with her!"


I came into my first full moon circle not knowing what to except. I came out feeling so much lighter, enlightened, calm.
What I found out: Yes, we all have a lot on our chest. No, I’m not the only one feeling the way I feel.

I told the universe what I wanted to let go of and what I called in. I don’t understand how works... and maybe it doesn’t matter, it just does. Three days later what I was looking for found me.

Julie Brami, PA