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  • Mamas Wellness Joint 1100 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA, 19107 United States (map)

A full moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon. This highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life such as your work vs. home, or what you need vs. what you want. Inner tension and external pressures can lead to amazing transformational opportunities. Your home, family and intimate relationships comes into sharper focus following a full moon. 

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. Use you increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

Let's gather and use this lunar time to get clear on intensions and move through any restlessness and uncertainty. With the right mindset and commitment we can set the path forward with love and truth. 

$25 Self Care Investment

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